VJ Akolade a.k.a BLYNEZ is a top professional VJ who resides in Jamaica. Specializes in just about all genres of music videos with a strong database of 6000+ videos.


Deejay Corny schreiben an Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
Deejay Corny schreiben an Fri 24 Jun 11
Could you advise me on building my reggae, soca, zouk, soukous video database? I am trying to introduce this music to the Canary Islands but am having real difficulties obtaining good quality video clips. Many thanks for any pointers you could give me...
Deejay Corny schreiben an Fri 24 Jun 11
Hi there! I see we like the same music... It's always nice to meet people that share a feeling. Greetings from the siland of La Palma! ;)
djvon schreiben an Fri 26 Mar 10
Watched your videos from youtube. Brotha you're sick in dem video blendz. Blessings , Dj Von Trinidad.
r12503 schreiben an Fri 10 Oct 08
Need you to contact me ASAP....crazy mixes....VJ Elite 9544718260 ,,,