andrzejdj schreiben an Fri 02 Dec 16
I have a VCI-400
VCI-400 + gramophone (time cod) - Virtual 7 ?
deck 1&2 - VCI-400 & deck 3&4 - gramophone (time cod)?
Is it possible?
andrzejdj schreiben an Wed 11 Apr 12
I have a VCI-400
Can you help me?
I have a question?
Maybe you know how to make a map for a section videoFX to be able to include several effects at once.
From the control on your computer, you can do this by going to the tab.
(written by the translator google - can be small mistakes :))
sum.zero schreiben an Thu 23 Feb 12
greets to the world.
music234 schreiben an Wed 22 Feb 12
The first one on your wll ;o)
Thanks for adding