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 Changing Icons On Your Skin

Fri 15 Apr 16 @ 9:15 pm

Hope this helps and makes sense for you guys....

Basically you go to your zip folder and take out your "allaboutvideo" image and save it some where safe and then make a copy and put on desk top, go google the style type of icons you want to use and save to a folder I called mine vdj icons. Remember they need to be png files.

Open up an image editor and put one of your new icons into it, you may need to cut/paste and save, as it is best to trim off any excess transparent border. You want to have your new png file no larger than 128 x 128 for it to work, you might want to resize the image now if needed, remember to save as a png file.

Once that's done open up your allaboutvideo image and magnify to about 200 per cent or whatever magnification suits yourself, find the icon you want to replace and cut/delete it, replace with your new icon a bit resizing up or down may be necessary, use original icons either side as a guide to the height and width your new icon needs to be.

Once done save exactly as the image file name you took out the folder, put the new image file into the zip folder, open up vdj and your new icons should be now showing on your skin. If not don't worry, you have always got the original as a back up, practice a little until you have the icons the way you want them.