CPU: I7 8700 k
HD1: 512 GB M.2 970 EVO SSD
HD2: 256 GB M.2 950 PRO SSD
HD3: 128 GB SSD
HD4: 512 GB SSD


vlnjacki schreiben an Wed 21 Feb 18
Have add you love your Oldschool skin
djikenelson schreiben an Wed 26 Apr 17
I like the Old School looks, but I want to be able to control the VU/Output meters by the Actual fader output levels.
wink0012 schreiben an Tue 10 Jan 17
2 deck mode only for Old School2 skin vdj8
ALEXANDRE310578 schreiben an Thu 10 Nov 16
zanard schreiben an Sun 28 Feb 16
I do not think it's a problem of the skin ...
Contact support.
nduli schreiben an Sun 24 Jan 16
I've been using the oldscholl skin for a year now and I like it a lot but after I installing an upgrade of V8 the tags are no longer showing on the turntables . what can I do please help
DJ PHIL IT schreiben an Mon 04 Jan 16
hi I try your skin where is the conf button ? so I can back to the settings been trying to find it
LEMADISON schreiben an Tue 10 Nov 15
Hi Zanard Very best job. Your X-96 skin is the best..Thanks
fabrice70 schreiben an Tue 16 Jun 15
bonjour Zanard, pas de micro avec le skin x96?
yaetown schreiben an Wed 25 Mar 15
You are the man...
Djmidnight79 schreiben an Mon 29 Dec 14
X-96 is a 2 / 4 deck skin for virtuldj 8 in high tech definition. its no working
beni_Stingray schreiben an Thu 13 Nov 14
My canard skin is not changing i wanted to back to original vdj how can i remove canard skin? Please help
djsteve27 schreiben an Sun 28 Sep 14
Zanard I seen the update to the x-48 for vers 8 however only one res choice can also put up one for 1368x768 for ver 8 thanks dj steve
chipmonk1970 schreiben an Wed 10 Apr 13
How do you scale the X-48, you say in the download page to see the forum but where in the forum? I need a 1376 x 768..
thetracker510 schreiben an Fri 26 Aug 11
Oh yeah! X-48 to the Rescue!!...