I am unable to play my karaoke files or they do not show in the browser

Please check the following:

  • The karaoke files are in a supported karaoke format.

  • You have not disabled the display of karaoke files - Click on the eye icon to the far-right of the browser search bar and ensure that Show Karaoke is ticked.

  • You have not disabled VirtualDJ's video engine. Go to CONFIG -> Video and make sure that Video is ticked.

  • You have added the karaoke files to your VirtualDJ database. To do this, use the VirtualDJ browser to browse to the folder where they are located, right-click on it and choose Add to search DB.

  • The files have been named correctly - The .ZIP file (If zipped) and the .MP3 and .CDG files contained within it must all have the same name, e.g:

    ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).zip
    |- ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).mp3
    `- ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).cdg

  • If zipped, the .ZIP file is not corrupted or is using non-standard compression. Some older karaoke ripping software produces corrupted .ZIP files that VirtualDJ cannot read. If you have trouble loading a .ZIP, simply extract its contents and then rezip it again using the .ZIP support built-into Windows XP and above (Right-click -> Send to compressed folder) or MacOS (CMD + click -> Create archive)

  • Make sure that you don't have an excessive number on zipped karaoke files within the same folder, otherwise this will cause a delay when accessing the folder due to the fact that VirtualDJ must decompress each file to get its file information (This will cause the user interface to freeze while the software is busy reading the files.)

    On Apple Mac computers, having too many .ZIP files in the same folder can also crash the zip decoder, preventing you from being able to see or load zipped karaoke via VirtualDJ's browser until the software is restarted.

    Proving that you organise your karaoke by disc ID (E.g: Karaoke\Sunfly\SF123) then you should not encounter these problems.

    NOTE: With today's large hard drives, zipping is not really necessary.

NOTE: To display full-screen video or karaoke, you will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional. All other versions are limited to a small window only.

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