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Q: How can I set the Master Deck for other decks to sync to?

Master Deck is automatic in the software, but can be set manually in 4 deck mode if preferred:

By default the Master Deck is set automatically to whichever the active deck is (follows the crossfader or volume faders). To set the master deck manually (so that the deck always remains the master), make sure that you are using the default VirtualDJ 4 deck skin and then click on the M in the appropriate deck (the one that is playing live) so that it is lit up. Clicking on the same decks Master Deck indicator a second time will revert it back to the default Automatic setting.

If you are using a MIDI controller, this may also have a button to set the master deck. This is usually labelled MASTER and in some cases may be a secondary SHIFT function (Usually on the SYNC button.)

NOTE: Sync will only work if there is sufficient pitch range available to adjust the BPM of the song to match. To match songs with larger differences, you may need to increase the pitch range appropriately (example: If you are using 8%, try increasing it to 16% or 25%).

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