font size change

The following procedure explain how to change the font size and color of the Browser of VirtualDJ 7 and older.

1) Open on the skin folder:
Documents/Virtualdj/skins------> pc/mac
Users/[Username]/Library/Virtualdj/skins----> new mac path

2) Unzip the skin desired, in this example we are using VirtualDJ 7 (2 Decks)

3) Edit with a text editor the xml file of the skin a and found the browser element:

Change the font, size or color

In this example the text font is changed to 20

4) Save and close the xml file

5) zip again the xml and bmp file, choose a name of the zip file for example:
VirtualDJ 7 (2 Decks) FONT 20.zip

6) Open Virtualdj and select the new skin:

16 color chart:

RGB Chart:

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