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Topic: Assigning a custom button or custom rotary knob to a midi controller to control a lighting software
Hi guys,

I have a midi controller with several push buttons and rotary knobs inluding a push functionality. I would like to assign these buttons and knobs to custom knobs, pads and custom rotary knobs within Virtual DJ.

The goal is to control a lighting software (in my case soundswitch) directly from Virtual DJ via custom buttons, pads and custom rotary knobs within Virtual DJ, so that I do not need to look into the lighting software window but just onto my Virtual DJ skin to see the button status (on = hightlighted, off = not highlighted) and rotary knob value (e.g. 0 - 256).

My questions are:

1. How is it possible to assing a midi controller button to a custom knob or pad within Virtual DJ to just be highlighted (on) or not hightlighted (off)?

2. How is it possible to assing a midi controller rotary knob to a custom rotary knob within Virtual DJ to show a rotation value with the knob marking and, if possible, a legend of e.g. 0 - 256 below the rotary button?

The custom buttons, pads and rotary knobs within Virtual DJ will only have an informative fuction of their status (on, off, rotation value), the lighting function itself for the midi controller button or knob can be assigned directly within the lighting sofware itself. So Virtual DJ shows only the status of the button or knob, so that I know which button I have pressed and how far I have rotated a knob.

Or is there a better solution using dmx buttons within Virtual DJ, which can directly send commands (midi, os2l ?) to the lighting software, so that I do not need to assign the midi controller buttons and knobs within the lighting software but only to those custom buttons, pads and rotary knobs within Virtual DJ?

Thanks in advance for any tips,

greetings from Robert!

geposted Wed 18 Nov 20 @ 8:30 pm
1) use the action on or off.. to turn lights on or off. Can combine with other actions.
Action ? on & do something : off and do something

2) You can do that in XML, add a <text> element to show the value
Alternatively you can use custom buttons in skin to show the value. At the action field put the action to get value for, and at the name field put the word query

You can probably send commands directly via os2l to Soundswitch also.
- os2l_button "name of what to trigger in Soundswitch" (scene, or light or something)
- os2l_cmd XX value to send a value to XX in Soundswitch
(not sure if Soundswitch actually added support for this yet, but you can try ;-))

https://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/os2l.html (for other DMX software, but logic is similar)

https://support.soundswitch.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002557212-Getting-Started-with-Virtual-DJ (to connect via os2l)


geposted Wed 18 Nov 20 @ 9:50 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Unfortunately, SoundSwitch doesnt fully support OS2L. It's using OS2L protocol to retrieve Track's information and beatgrid, but has not implemented os2l_ commands (osl2_button, osl2_cmd) . So at the moment, it is not possible to control Soundswitch through VirtualDJ. We have asked SS to do so, but feel free to contact them and request as well.

Alternatively, you can use Sunlite Suite 2, ShowXpress Sweetlight, QLC+, Freestyler which have full OS2L integration and you could fully control your shows via VirtualDJ

geposted Thu 19 Nov 20 @ 7:33 am
Thank you very much for you tips, I will try it out as you have decribed.

I will keep you informed if I managed all that.

For sure, I can give also a try for the other lighting software.

Many greetings from Robert!

geposted Sun 22 Nov 20 @ 3:05 pm
SoundSwitch still doesn’t accept these commands, but you can additionally send some midi commands from VDJ to SoundSwitch. Install a virtual MIDI bridge a.e. with the name VDJtoSS and create a new MIDI device in VDJ a.e. SoundSwitch and put some MIDI Notes into it. SoundSwitch can learn them easyly.

geposted Sun 22 Nov 20 @ 5:41 pm
DjMagg0PRO InfinityMember since 2004
which virtual Midi Bridge could you use? I’ve been looking but I haven’t found any.

Many greetings

geposted Wed 13 Oct 21 @ 4:13 pm