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Topic: Use of vocal stems effects in Track Cleaner
The echo-out pad FX is now very good with stems 2.0 for cutting to the instrumental.

It would be really nice if this can be used in the track cleaner directly, as one of the methods to censor the song (giving and option for echo beat length flexibility as well).

geposted Sat 17 Dec 22 @ 12:23 am

geposted Sun 08 Jan 23 @ 9:48 pm
Love the idea.. and currently use it with POI's. But it is not a completely reliable way to remove vocals, since it requires that the stems have been calculated.. else the offending lyrics will NOT be removed. And with online streaming services, and slower GPUs, having the 2.0 stems available, is not always guaranteed, so could lead to an unexpected result at times.

Would be great to have, as an option, in settings, to enable for those who would like this feature, and are sure that a that the 2.0 stems would always be avail for the Track Cleaner to use.


geposted Sun 08 Jan 23 @ 10:01 pm
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geposted Mon 16 Jan 23 @ 10:51 pm