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Topic: PitchQuality creates an echo(or reverb) effect when SYNC identical tracks
If PitchQuality = 0 = no echo effect

geposted Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 2:53 am
Like a tiny little reverb when using instant doubles with extreme BPM changes?
That would make sense, since there is way less Pitch vs BPM correction when it's set to 0 vs when it's set to 4
But I still get it at extreme low bpms with the quality set to 0 (or maybe it's just the extremely low quality of the Master Tempo engine at that setting - hard to tell)

If you disable Master Tempo you of course don't get it, because there is no Pitch vs BPM correction.
But then you of course get monster / chip monks vocals :)

geposted Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 6:25 am
Banned_user wrote :
current pitch = 0
masterTempo = No

If PitchQuality 2 or 4 and sync clone track with the same time = flanger is heard.

If PitchQuality = 0 flanger is NOT heard.


Explained just above

geposted Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 12:24 pm