Electronic Music- more than art

Electronic music is more of a challenging art than any other form.

Many people think, it must be easy to be a DJ. But don't forget, DJ's have to learn the language of

  • midi
  • digital audio
  • composition
  • arranging
  • production
  • the art of mixing
  • mastering
  • direct X
  • ASIO
  • converting audio formats
  • computer networks
  • hard disk formats
  • sample formats
  • synthesizer formats
  • SCSI
  • S/PDIF
  • ADAT
  • TDIF
  • audiophile specs
  • and many many more

If you love electronic music, feel free to join this group.

Electronic Music - more than Art


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Djmiguelergg (Limited edition user) schreiben an Thu 26 Sep 13 @ 10:25 pm
hi please check my soundcloud please https://soundcloud.com/djmiguelgomez

UP2D8 (Professional edition user) schreiben an Mon 06 Jun 11 @ 7:24 am
THX ^^

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i add at ur music group :-)