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Topic: Which Virtual DJ console is available in Taiwan?

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Hey Folks,

I'm a foreigner living in Taiwan.

I'm not a DJ but have recently been using Virtual DJ software and find it fantastic.

I've been totally addicted to beat-mixing old Hip-Hop tunes and looping and such.

I'm thinking that I would like to buy an all-in-one console which can be used to control Virtual DJ.

The most important features I need are :

#1 Easy to use
#2 Very reliable
#3 Ability to cue tracks using headphones

I've been looking at the Hercules MK2 but I seriously doubt this is available in Taiwan.

Can anyone recommend any other all-in-one Virtual DJ consoles that are available in Taiwan.

I don't want to pay much more than 250 USD or 9000 NT or so.

Thanks in advance.

geposted Wed 14 Jan 09 @ 2:51 am
spinnaJPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Hi, if it is not available, maybe u can take a look online a an alternative?

I thing the vestax vci 100 etc can be obtained there. U could go to the local dj store and see what they have to offer;)
I think there are some user too at here that are from taiwan and can help u on it. U need legit VDJ Pro to use greatly and trouble-free with/without controller or hardware.

I hope u have tried the software trial;)

Hope to see you with us soon. Regards;)

geposted Thu 15 Jan 09 @ 12:15 am
govenPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Hi~~i'm Taiwan too~~

geposted Sat 07 Feb 09 @ 8:21 am
govenPRO InfinityMember since 2005
10000初頭~~有Hercules dj console RMX~這還不錯~可是省運費~從美國買的話~最便宜的運費~下場就是~要等一個月~

geposted Sat 07 Feb 09 @ 8:30 am

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