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Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Wed 04 Nov 09 @ 11:24 am
Hi All. I Started programming about 2 years ago and finally decided to throw my name in the mix when it comes to a Karaoke Plugin.

Does anyone know if the source is available? I am a fully registered user and would like to add some functionality to what already exisits.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Atomix Productions
Posted Wed 04 Nov 09 @ 12:28 pm
The source isn't available, you'll have to start from scratch I'm afraid. Shouldn't be difficult though :)


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Mon 09 Nov 09 @ 7:40 am


Atomix Productions
Posted Mon 09 Nov 09 @ 12:03 pm
As per my reply to your PM; if you need any assistance feel free to ask - we don't bite here :)


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Mon 09 Nov 09 @ 2:50 pm
Thanks SBDJ.

Just a lil Update - I have familiarized myself with The JBum Website on the CD+G CD-ROM Drive information.

How would I open a *.CDG for Binary Input? (Using the Method like the current Karaoke Plugin, dragging and dropping to either a listview or applicable deck - While allowing the MP3 embedded in the Zip to Go over to the applicable deck, while then dealing with file operations for the Karaoke Text?

I'm a rookie @ C++ and am learning as I go.




Atomix Productions
Posted Mon 09 Nov 09 @ 3:18 pm
File I/O in C++ can be done in a couple of ways.

IMHO the best way is to use the stream classes. Have a google on fstream and ios::binary. Plenty of examples and information here:

The "old" C method is still also available using FILE pointers and fopen (or fopen_s). More information here:


Experienced pro user
Posted Mon 09 Nov 09 @ 5:32 pm
So could i just ask, what will your Karaoke plug in do??

There are two things i can think of..
will it allow me to play Karaoke CD+G CDs direct from the CD drive without having to rip?
or will it expand on the karaoke plugin that comes with VDJ, which is ok, but not really useable.

Before everyone jumps on me about why its not useable, when im ready to go to the next karaoke track, ive already cued the track to the cdg tiles on cue1. Then i announce the singer to come foreward. Once the singer is ready to sing i hit hotcue 2 which is where the audio starts.

with the karaoke plugin, it dosent preload the track so i cant show the cdg title for that track, and sometimes i could be trying to load a .zip file that dosent work :(

Anyway, a plugin that allows karaoke cds to be played direct would be very useful, then new cds wouldnt have to wait until i have time to rip them.

shouldnt this function be added to the core of vdj??


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Tue 10 Nov 09 @ 8:42 am
Mark: To play CD+G correctly should be added to the core - yes. Kind of similar to the way it handles CDs & DVDs - I'll agree with you there.

As for my Plugin, not a "complete re-inventing of the wheel" but from a DJ/KJ Standpoint, yes.

What *could* this plugin do?

Using the standard MP3+G - you would create the rotation, allowing the clients to see who's the next 3-4 by a scrolling system on the bottom of the Sreen (Kind've like your favorite news organization.)

When adding users, it would catalog them to either an XML output or a SQL (Lite) database, tying in your "Frequent Flyers" That part, I think I could handle, but as for the Actual MP3+G Decoding is where my current roadblock sits - I want functionality, then I can add the "Wants."

Any suggestions to the plugin could be considered, after functionality is achieved.




Professional edition user
Posted Mon 16 Nov 09 @ 4:56 pm
I'm a new virtual DJ user, and I'm interested in the progress of a karaoke plug in that does a little more. If anyone has created one already, I'd really like to hear about it.

The main things that I am looking for in a plug in would be:

1. The ability to automatically save the song and singer history of the songs that are played in the show.

2. The ability to access that singer history, and append that history with a couple of extra fields of information, such as email address and a comment field

3. a "hot button" key control ... so that you can alter the key of a song on the fly with one button.

4. The ability to input the key change when you enter the singer, so that the key change automaticaly activates when the song begins.

If anyone has any thoughts or insights, please let me know.


Scott Shaw


No license user
Posted Wed 18 Nov 09 @ 4:57 pm
Sempre quis ter este plug in


Atomix Productions
Posted Wed 18 Nov 09 @ 5:55 pm
wagui wrote :
Sempre quis ter este plug in

The KJ plugin comes with VDJ. This user is talking about writing a new plugin. Please also note that this is an English speaking forum :)


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 24 Nov 09 @ 1:41 am
hello im a new user and iwould like to know why when i hit karaoke in the video effects it dosent do anything ? thanks


Ultra-VIP Member
Firetext Representative
Posted Tue 24 Nov 09 @ 3:42 am
have you also selected activate (in middle of browser).


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Mon 28 Dec 09 @ 1:41 pm
Unfortunately, I have not been able to successfully get any functionality to work - I am putting this project on hold... Time is valuable and I cannot figure it out. :-\

I'll keep poking and prodding - but no luck.

Sorry :-\

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