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Will VirtualDJ run on the Ipad?

geposted Thu 28 Jan 10 @ 1:12 am
No. Apple iPad uses (more or less) the same operating as iPhone, which is not the Mac OS X that Apple laptops have.

geposted Thu 28 Jan 10 @ 3:17 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
No but you could use it as a Mixer with ITM midi.

geposted Thu 28 Jan 10 @ 8:00 am
I'm so glad someone has raised this topic, as I was thinking why dont the brains at Virtual Dj create an App for the Ipad? it can be done, as I have dowloaded and used a few Dj'ing Apps on my Iphone, some good, some not so good. Just think of the poisibilities with the multi touch screen!! Come on guys get writing! Think how cool it would be to launch the App in conjunction with the worldwide Ipad launch!! No to mention the money you would make!!

geposted Thu 28 Jan 10 @ 5:25 pm
grugPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Apple Ipad...

No Multitasking
No replaceable battery
No camera
No HD resolution

I also read (but not confirmed) No Flash?

If you really want to DJ properly, especially video dj you will need a system with more power and more inputs than this toy.

geposted Thu 28 Jan 10 @ 5:57 pm
Yes I know what you mean, it's not really something you would take to a gig or a club to dj with, that would be daft, but for personal intertainment perposes I think it would be great, say for instance you are on the sofa watching TV and you fancy doing a quick mix while the adverts are on then just grab your iPad and hit the VDJ App and away you go!! I will definatly be buying an iPad when they come on sale in the UK as well as the VDJ app if they do one!!

geposted Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 1:27 am
Let's not mix apples and oranges here. There's a distinct difference between using iPad and a remote controller and running a native app on the iPad itself.

Using iPad as a remote controller is something you can already do. A native VDJ app for iPad/iPhone on the other hand seems pointless. You can't connect a sound card, external storage, etc. You don't even have the possibility to cue your tracks via headphones because it only has one audio output socket.

VDJ on iPad/iPhone is just one of those ideas that seem like a cool idea...right until you actually think it through and realize you can't really do anything usefull with it.

geposted Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 3:27 am
Fair enough, I do see what you mean, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch try an app called touch DJ, it's quite amazing how versatile an app that runs on a mobile phone can be, and you can get an attachment for your phone which allows you to split the output to enable queing of a track.

geposted Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 4:09 am
Yeah, but that means both outputs will be mono...which is kinda 1950's. Granted, it might be fun toy for random goofing but you wouldn't do a gig with it even if your life depended on it :)

geposted Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 11:42 am

geposted Sat 30 Jan 10 @ 5:05 pm
I beg to differ. The only thing epic about Lemur is the price.

I've never been a huge fan of touch screens - especially for doing precision work. The haptic feedback just sucks. Give me real knobs, buttons and sliders any day.

geposted Sun 31 Jan 10 @ 3:28 am
AuralCandy.Net wrote :
I beg to differ. The only thing epic about Lemur is the price.

I've never been a huge fan of touch screens - especially for doing precision work. The haptic feedback just sucks. Give me real knobs, buttons and sliders any day.

I agree. I know touch screen technology is all the rage and all 'Star Trek TNG' but nothing beats something you can touch and bang on.

geposted Mon 01 Feb 10 @ 10:19 am
I like the feel of knobs etc. over a touch screen as I'm assuming most of us do, but the versatility of the Lemur is hard to match. Would I replace my mixer or CD decks with a Lemur? No.
Would I love to have one on the side where I can experiment with almost limitless new possibilities? Yes.

geposted Tue 02 Feb 10 @ 3:14 am

geposted Thu 15 Apr 10 @ 9:09 am
to whom this may concern:

First of All:, this vid is just the beginning of what could be done with the IPAD, all it is, is some simple programming, NEWBS should prolly sit back and just watch....

I just got done testing the IPAD with Abelton Live.....ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING! The mapping is remarkable!!!! NO LAG! NO ISSUES WHAT-SO-EVER! ITS A PERFECT CONTROLLER!, this is the website that has the osculator that makes your IPAD work with Abelton....HELL, who knows you may
be able to map VDJ after all....

Oh, and you'll need to get TouchOSC app which allows your PC/MAC talk to your IPAD, and you can also get the TouchOSC editor that way you can edit any programs that you may want to control wirelessly. lets review:

1. Virtual DJ program on Lappy
2. IPAD (as a conrtoller for your Virtual DJ Program).
3. External Sound Card.
4. Headphones.
4. Massive amount of speakers. Boom. Instant DJ Rig.

......and for all the old school haters out there that are stubborn about their precious "knobs" get over it. the future is here. try new things. embrace the future of DJ-ing. btw, vinyl is dead.

geposted Wed 26 May 10 @ 12:26 am
Does anyone know what the iphone/ipad feature in on the Virtual DJ configuration page is or what does it do?

geposted Wed 15 Dec 10 @ 9:27 am
Can you link a computer to the ipad via bluetooth and use the ipad/iphone for a remote controller?

geposted Wed 15 Dec 10 @ 9:29 am
BETEPPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Apple does not let this program in the AppStore, but it in fact can be installed on the iPad after jailbreak? (:

geposted Thu 16 Dec 10 @ 2:25 am
The VDJ app is still at beta but is progressing and will not require jailbreak to run once released.

You can currently control VDJ from the ipad with Splastop remote via wifi and a 1024x768 skin. Details elsewhere in the forum.


geposted Thu 16 Dec 10 @ 3:10 am
Hi all
I saw that 2 months ago one of my friend was using virtual Dj app on his iPad but it was not iremote it was normal virtual Dj app now I can find the app

geposted Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 1:27 pm
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