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Topic: Using M-Audio Xponent with Virtual DJ
Ary20VTHome userMember since 2010
Hi Guys,
I've been using VDJ for a while and it is indeed a powerful application.
Currently, I'm awaiting for my Xponent to arrive (if it ever arrives..) but I have heard quite a lot about the Torq software. If I use a full version of VDJ, will I be able to make full use of the Xponent in VDJ?
Will it be as compatible as with the Torq software?
I have a license for my Hercules Console, its the DJC 4.x Edition and its perfectly capable, will the Xponent communicate with VDJ in the same way?

geposted Thu 02 Sep 10 @ 7:18 pm
Sorry, VirtualDJ Console Edition can only be used with the Hercules DJ Console that it came with.

If you wish to use the Xponent, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional - - Providing it has not already been used, you should be able to get a discount for owning the DJ Console Edition. Simply enter the DJ Console Edition serial number in the box provided on the upgrade page above.

You can download the free trial of VirtualDJ Pro from

geposted Fri 03 Sep 10 @ 7:08 am
Ary20VTHome userMember since 2010
Thanks for the reply.
In terms of functionality, what is it to say there?
Indeed I will have to purchase a full version but there are no discussion in that topic hence question is more specified down to the functionality of the device with the application.

geposted Fri 03 Sep 10 @ 12:37 pm
I used a Torq Xponent with Virtual DJ Pro and it worked great with the software. The Xponent is still one of my favorite DJ controllers to use VDJ with.

geposted Fri 03 Sep 10 @ 12:54 pm
what does it mean when one of the turntables wont scratch but it will pause if you stop there something wrong with my hardware? cause my other side is working fine

geposted Wed 08 Sep 10 @ 7:30 pm
You have to make sure you have scratch mode enabled, sound like you have it in pitch bend mode at the moment.

geposted Thu 09 Sep 10 @ 12:24 pm
Im using my xponent with virtual dj 6.0.2 and let me tell you its GREAT not only do I use it at home but in the club too.
The mapping couldnt be easier and with the right skin (scratch version) they work in total harmony, speaking of wich I do harmonic mixing in key and its as easy as cake with the software compared to others.

geposted Wed 22 Sep 10 @ 3:36 am
does anyone know where can I purchase the torq software since I was given a m-audio torq xponent dj controller and does it work with virtualdj?

geposted Wed 10 Aug 16 @ 7:12 am
mmvellvet wrote :
does anyone know where can I purchase the torq software

Use Google, find the M Audio Torq web page, read info about Torq there.

mmvellvet wrote :
does it work with virtualdj?

Go to the wiki page here (under support/help), click on the 'supported controllers' link and see if the Xponent is there.

Alternatively, download VDJ, plug in the Xponent. Is it recognised by VDJ?

geposted Wed 10 Aug 16 @ 8:53 am
oyewoleHome userMember since 2014
Hi boss
pls i need driver to connet my torq xponent advance dj controller m audio,so that it can be able to work with virtual dj thanks boss

geposted Sat 04 Nov 17 @ 10:18 am
You won't find the driver for your Xponent here. This forum is for Virtual DJ software.

Please go to the M Audio web site.

geposted Sat 04 Nov 17 @ 11:00 am