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Topic: Can someone help me please
vacusojHome userMember since 2010
I am an ameteur planninga house party tonight. I just realised that my virtual DJ is not functioning properly. I must have touched something. The songs on each of the tables keep looping or and breaking. I have tried everything but its still acting up.

can someone give me a quick fix

geposted Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 8:25 am
KelansLE userMember since 2010
Pleae help me

geposted Sat 27 Nov 10 @ 1:37 pm
I'll be the first one to say it... the only answer and fix to your problem is that your not using the most up to date version of vdj, which you would get if you were registered. If your using a pirated version its probably because the crack has corrupted vdj or maybe the viruses and trojens you get downloading off torrent websites have finally destroyed your computer...

geposted Sun 28 Nov 10 @ 8:44 am
spinashHome userMember since 2009
Oh It is Because Yous system is Tooooo Slow..Try Using a High Speed System.Like Pentium 4 or M and will see its not gonna fail you again.Im a DeeJay Too from Ghana and i have been using the virtual DJ since hen i was 14 years.Im Now 20 Years and i still Uses It.I have the full Version of the 7 and i enjoy all time Playing the Players.

You can Ring or Email me

Im Willing to here from you so that we can be shaing Ideas

Edit: Contact info not allowed by home users.

geposted Wed 01 Dec 10 @ 3:35 am
Can any professional train me here

geposted Fri 01 Dec 17 @ 11:22 am