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Topic: Virtual DJ Juke Box Skin with Touch Screen Keyboard

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munsingPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'm trying to create a VDJ skin as a karaoke jukebox. Anyone interested in the project? I've never made a skin before but I have the layout/design I'd like to use. Any skinners out there have one made already? I've downloaded Skin Creator tool but the Mac version hangs on the splash screen so I'll be digging up my old PC to see if it will work on there. Thanks for anyone who's willing to help. Also interested in paying to have someone create it.

My hopes are that this skin will be simple and easy to use for customers to queue their songs themselves.


geposted Thu 10 Mar 11 @ 12:39 pm
Can't see that it would a be a big job to create a "Jukebox" skin...

I very rarely use it, but I do have Jukeblaster ( installed on a touchscreen that gets used for parties, etc.

geposted Thu 10 Mar 11 @ 1:17 pm

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