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PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sun 15 May 11 @ 1:04 pm
I have a question everyone

Where do people like x factor, euro vision and other tv programmes get there video backdrops from?

I want to get some really good quality ones for using instead of music videos sometimes

Any advice would be great

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sun 15 May 11 @ 2:22 pm
Try googling video clips, I've found a bunch that way. Also one of the guys named Tayla has a stash of clips that he sometimes give members access to, maybe he'll pop in here and give you the low down. I know some people have just played a movie with clipbank. Maybe something like Ghost in the Shell as an example.

Hope that helps

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sun 15 May 11 @ 6:15 pm
Send me a PM please with your email address and I'll give you a link to my files.

Don't know how long before I can send you link though, heading to hospital after this post, doctor reckons I got to go on drip for infection to arm.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2011

Posted Mon 16 May 11 @ 1:40 am
I hope all turns out well with the infection. I am a long time DJ but new VDJ user (ex PCDJ VJ user) and am wondering if I can get access to that link also.

Thanks In Advance,

Good Luck At The Doctor's

PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Mon 16 May 11 @ 5:10 am
Tayla No Kidding that sounds seriuos I hope all goes well also. I had sent you a PM twice 2 Months ago I didn't know if you were just too busy or maybe you weren't doing it anymore let me know if you don't have my message still. Again GOOD LUCK!

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Thu 19 May 11 @ 12:05 pm
Hi guys, wey hey just out of hospital, seems a little more serious than I expected (or wanted to believe), took four hours into monday morning pumping me full of drugs and antibiotics at local county hospital and a few calls to a specialist unit in the city whether to transfer me over to them, anyways long and short of it rushed into operating theatre I now don't have anything between my thumb and fore finger on my right hand just one big gaping mess.

The human body does not enjoy Ecoli apparently... lol, so if you get any cuts make sure they are cleaned immediately and don't carry on working like a martyr (or idiot) as I did.

I managed to convince the medical staff at the hospital this afternoon to let me go home on their profiso I've got to have the district nurse coming to the house now every 48 hours to change the dressing for the next fourteen days and back in to see the consult surgeon Monday morning, plus a bag of pills I've got to take, wow free drugs.... lol.

I'm still high as a kite, morphine and other stuff still doing there job, so sorry if I'm rambling and will get any pm's answered as soon as...

A Man and His Music
PRO Infinity
Member since 2005

Senior Moderator
Posted Thu 19 May 11 @ 12:25 pm
Normally I would start off with some funny shit, but will leave that till the end. This is not something to be playing around with. I am not a doctor, but a bio-chemist. I worked in infectious disease, and immunology for Merck & Co. This kind of shit can easily maim or kill you, so don't puck around. I don't want to scare you, but you should be scared. OK, enough of the mothering thing. Now tell me again, why does the nurse have to be on her knees, to change a dressing on your hand?

PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Thu 19 May 11 @ 6:58 pm
A Man and His Music wrote :
Now tell me again, why does the nurse have to be on her knees, to change a dressing on your hand?

That's just a personal preference Rick.

So people you better take notice of the Man if not me and make sure all wounds are cleaned thoroughly and get any infected areas seen to quickly.

Don't think it will get better tomorrow or the day after... it won't and it didn't!

PRO Infinity
Member since 2010

Posted Thu 19 May 11 @ 10:24 pm
You need to be aware that showing movies in public places without the correct licensing can land you, and the establishment, in deep water and big fines. You'd have to be unlucky to get nabbed but it's a reality you need to consider.