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Topic: VDJ LE Lite, Numark DJ2GO, and Numark PHX USB

I'm putting together a backup system with an old PC running Windows 7. I bought a Numark DJ2GO controller bundled with Virtual DJ LE Lite. I also bought a pair of Numark PHX USB headphones thinking I could use it to cue music.

I'm using the audio out (headphone jack) on the laptop to send my master audio to a small mixing board and speakers, but was wondering if there is a way to set this system so that I could use the headphone button on the Numark DJ2GO controller to cue music in my USB headphones and have the master audio go to the mixing board and speakers.

I'm a Mac guy, so not too familiar with the Win7 OS. When I plugged the headphones in to the USB port on the computer, all I could hear was the master out (not the cue/headphone mix).

Would be nice to have this tiny backup system have the ability to cue music. Thanks in advance for your help!

geposted Mon 09 Jan 12 @ 9:47 am
You'd need to configure your sound settings correctly.

I would guess that the USB headphones act like a stereo USB sound card, so you would probably need the following:

Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Sound card: 2 cards

1st card: Choose your laptop's built-in card
2nd card: Choose the USB headphones

Click Apply.

geposted Tue 10 Jan 12 @ 4:24 pm