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Topic: Virtual DJ LE and Hercules 4Mx - weird audio problem
HP Probook 4525s 2.x GHz laptop running Windows 7 Pro
Hercules 4Mx (latest drivers as of date of post)
Virtual DJ LE (latest version as of date of post)

For some reason, the playback of tracks through my Hercules 4Mx sounds strange. I am going to try to describe it the best that I can. It's as if the MP3s were encoded with a faulty encoder and frames are missing here and there, so the song sounds as if it has been time compressed past a comfortable point (you can hear bits missing). No dropouts or distortion, but like there's a bad time stretch algorithm being applied. I hope this makes sense.

The last time I ran it, I had everything stripped down as much as possible - disabled antivirus, firewall, webcam, wifi card, no transparency on windows, nothing that didn't need to be running. The problem still persists.

On the advice of someone on the Hercules forum, I tried playback through the Hercules with a different program (Mixxx). The audio sounds normal there, so I get the impression it's got something to do with VDJ. The problem exists regardless of using WDM or ASIO (and I have tried adjusting latency up and down).

geposted Sun 27 May 12 @ 12:07 pm
Do you have master tempo / key lock turned on?

If so, then this is probably because you are using the simple/fast algorithm.

In the full Pro, you can choose between fast (Low CPU usage, but more audio artifacts) or advanced (Higher CPU usage, similar quality to most good hardware CD players.) In LE, you may not have this option because it's limited software.

If you still have the 20 day trial, try enabling the advanced algorithm under CONFIG -> Performances. Otherwise, download Home FREE to try it out for 10 minutes at a time.

You can upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro at a discount by going to:

geposted Sun 27 May 12 @ 5:25 pm
Ah-HA! I was wondering if there was a limited version of that in the LE software! Thanks.

geposted Sat 02 Jun 12 @ 8:26 am