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Topic: Internal Hard Drive full, need to move library to external
Hi there, just recently i've needed to move my library to an external due to lack of space, i've had a search about and followed the advice, this is what i've done

replicated the folder path as best i can, my old music was in the my music folder in my documents

old path c:\documents and settings\dub-se7en\my documents\my music

new path g:\documents and settings\dub-se7en\my documents\my music

i then copied the file virtualdj database 6.xml to the root of g: and renamed it to virtualdj local database v6.xml

editting virtualdj database 6.xml changing all paths from c: to g:

i then editted g:\virtualdj local database v6.xml, changing all paths from c: to g:

now, when i open the program, the files are there and play fine, but all my cue points are sadly missing. is there anyway i can recover the lot across? the cue points are quite important to me :-)



geposted Tue 03 Jul 12 @ 3:21 am
Have you tried copying the xml file and pasting it out of a folder but in the new hard drive ? When you open up virtual are you selecting the correct folder on the left side bar.Also have you set this as your favourite and are the drives included in the folder search ? Message me if you like.

geposted Tue 03 Jul 12 @ 12:13 pm