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Topic: Editing recorded Audio

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Hey guys im new here.. Came up with a great idea for a mix and found this software.. it looks great, ive just recorded some audio and just wondering how i can edit it? Like, cut out some of it.. thanks.

geposted Wed 24 Apr 13 @ 3:04 am
VirtualDJ is designed and intended for live DJ mixing . If you need to edit a recording that you have already made, you will need to use audio editing software such as Audacity, which is free.

geposted Wed 24 Apr 13 @ 5:28 am
hi,i wanna make a nonstop including 5 or 6 tracks ,i want to record these tracks and edit them while i'm listening,but i couldn't make it ,i press stop button to listen to the next track to find wich part is suitable then when i return to join two parts i can't ,what i'm trying to say is i want to edit these tracks first(to cut the best parts)then record them then put them in row and make a nonstop.

geposted Fri 26 Apr 13 @ 2:07 pm
You can't edit tracks in a DJ program. It's for playing music only.

You need audio editing software such as Audacity (free) or Adobe Audition, Steinberg Wavelab, Sony Sound Forge etc.

geposted Fri 26 Apr 13 @ 7:06 pm

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