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Topic: Reggae/dancehall mix!

geposted Tue 22 Oct 13 @ 5:20 pm
Fun tracks choice!!

Few little hints for the next:

- Go easy on the sampler and effects
- Mind energy drops, sometimes after the transition, like around 3.30 the energy drops to a slightly too large contrast
- And as last hint, the last two tracks aren't dubstep, its drum 'n bass. (this -> is roots dubstep, this -> is DnB / Ragga Jungle)

Keep on doing the good work!

geposted Sun 10 Nov 13 @ 5:05 am
Thanks for the reply man!

I honestly used one sample in the intro. I did loop a bit of vocals throughout the mix if that's what you mean by having many samples. As far as effects...the buildup starting at 32:00 was on the fly...its not just a thrown on build up though ya know. But yea the second effect was a bit much. And I used one echo effect

geposted Mon 11 Nov 13 @ 12:00 am
I grew Up on reggae and Dancehall, comming from a mixed family, where on my Dad's side, i have Caribbean, and on my mum's side, i do not know as she was adopted. Anyway, i always hear one or two vocal samples like "A Big Tune" or "[Mix]" and then a couple laser sounds and airhorn sounds. So therefore i think that DJ Bertie is well within his right to use samples whenever he feels is right.

geposted Wed 15 Nov 17 @ 10:15 am
You are commenting on a 4 year old mix. Please follow the forum guidelines regarding old post, thank you.

geposted Wed 15 Nov 17 @ 7:50 pm
hrdnxPRO InfinityMember since 2011
How do they find these things??????

geposted Wed 15 Nov 17 @ 10:55 pm