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I stopped buying their music videos for some time now, but recently went back to them. So it just me or did they improve in quality in their videos? Seems to me like they are much better than before.

geposted Wed 01 Jan 14 @ 10:22 am
I've used them for 18 months or so now, and yes I agree the actual quality of there vids are much better recently. I've noticed though on a few occasions the audio quality is really bad on some new uk pop videos and also on a lot of old skool stuff. I've spoken to them via email and apparently they have started re-editing their catalogue and are upgrading audio quality to 320kbps although I'm guessing this won't be an overnight job.

geposted Wed 01 Jan 14 @ 2:50 pm
There's been marked improvement in both video and audio mostly depending on who submitted video edit and in catalog features.
price did go up but still better than crooklyn vault's prices and you get more for your money with all the versions of that particular edit being included in price.

geposted Thu 02 Jan 14 @ 9:22 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
Just my $.02s but VJ-Pro is very affordable, legal, and top notch quality. Not sure why anyone would want to go anywhere else. If you buy a decent package, you are getting top quality legal videos for about $.65 a song and all the included versions free. Dude, if that is't the best deal going....

I only use others when I just can't get it.

geposted Fri 03 Jan 14 @ 7:37 pm
Ah yes. I forgot that I did notice a slight change in price. Actually I think they give a few less videos than previously.

It used to be that one out of every few video was not of good quality. Now it seems I've had good luck with all their videos. So yes definitely is now the best bang for your buck.

geposted Fri 03 Jan 14 @ 11:14 pm
I work three nights a week at one club, and just got another club two weeks ago. I'm still working out some issues with them, so don't know if I'm going to stay. I need videos like a crack ho needs teeth. I belong to VJ Pro, Provideos4djs, VJ Street, AV District, and Content Unlimited. I will buy from Crooklyn Clan, if I have too. When I am not in the club, I am searching for videos. I have these four sites open behind VDJ when I work, and will download, if Content unlimited does not have it.

geposted Sat 04 Jan 14 @ 11:00 pm
What is the best but cheapest mp3 site to get music from? Thanx...

geposted Tue 07 Jan 14 @ 8:09 pm
Haui70PRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2008

geposted Thu 09 Jan 14 @ 6:42 am
are you serious?!?!?! vjstreet is mostly stolen bootlegs from promo only and old etv and other places. why would you pay them when you can steal your own? if thats what you want to do and you don't care. that license number on their page is total made up bullshit. shit cracks me up. i stick with legit only suppliers thanks.

geposted Sat 25 Jan 14 @ 5:26 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Crooklyn Clan have the best A/V editors in the game, that's why you're paying more.

geposted Sun 26 Jan 14 @ 10:17 am
amen on that. you need to find the hot editors and follow them

geposted Sun 26 Jan 14 @ 6:28 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

geposted Mon 27 Jan 14 @ 9:07 am
vjboyPRO InfinityMember since 2012
Quote :
are you serious?!?!?! vjstreet is mostly stolen bootlegs from promo only and old etv and other places.

I just wanted to jump in here in case any newbies happen upon this thread to say that the above statement is not true.

I do not work for or have any connection to VJ Street but I was a customer for awhile. In the hundreds of videos I purchased from them I never saw anything stolen from another music video provider past or present. I will say that a few of their very old clips looked like they may have been YouTube downloads, but everything from the past few years has been brand new.

And as the original poster and others have said, their quality and selection has been getting much better. They are still the best bargain for buying music videos in my opinion. If VJ-Pro or Promo Only offered a similar subscription and pricing plan I would revise my opinion but for now they don't so I say give VJ Street a try.

geposted Fri 04 Apr 14 @ 6:09 pm
VJSTREET is Legit. 100% registered. I worked for them for 4 years. The people who talk trash about them are planted (scouts) from their competition. VJStreet operates on the VJ's proposals and ideas thats why they are successful ; they listen and react. They don't respond to negative criticism on forums, they read the comments and fix all their mistakes. I bet you in 2016 VJStreet will be the premier flagship for VJ's nationwide; Watch !!!

geposted Tue 01 Dec 15 @ 9:20 am
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
I am not "planted scout". I subscribe to many pools. Quality at VJ Street is by far the lowest, but so is the price.. I can say that copared to the rest of my library from other pools, I will almost never play a VJ Street video unless I have no other option. 93 bit audio and 1k video bit rates are just not good. I get that they have higher stuff too, but other pools the quality is consistant. Nothing is ever even close to that low in VJ Pro.

Not sure why you dragged up a post over a year and a half old just to say that. Maybe you are a "planted scout".

geposted Fri 04 Dec 15 @ 12:07 am
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Because they're desparate to get more cheap video DJs to buy into a crappy product...I wouldn't use their videos even if they were free.

VJ Pro is the standard for extended mixable edits and some remixes
Crooklyn Clan is THE place for remixes and mashups to add some spice to your set, as well as some very rare content.

Most of the other sites aren't run by professionals who understand editing and encoding, there's no Quality control standards because they got into this business for an easy buck, thinking that throwing a youtube video over a remix makes them a video editor, or less a video engineer that understands the very complex nature of video.

geposted Sun 20 Dec 15 @ 1:57 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
Later on I noticed that a "Home User" is the authority on what 100% legit is. Irony?

geposted Wed 23 Dec 15 @ 12:54 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Or maybes the standard of dj they want to attract.... they ain't going to get rich that way either, lol.

geposted Wed 23 Dec 15 @ 1:11 am
paxwebbPRO InfinityMember since 2009
One thing I would like to say here is how unprofessional VJ Street customer service is. I tried to renew my subscription a few months back and was told by PayPal that I needed to add a credit card in order to make a payment to them. I explained to VJ Street that the whole point of using PayPal was to NOT have to enter a credit card number. Further emails to them were not returned, and I just discovered that my account was deleted. I will be sure to let as many people know how terrible VJStreet has turned out to be… a total joke how they respond to customers!! Here are some of the email comments from them:

"We try our best to NOT engage into personal battles with dj’s because every single staffer here is a seasoned dj and we understand how our market thinks.
The less we talk the better for everyone."

"No ONE is gonna explain to you how paypal works. Feel Free to give them a call or perhaps take your business elsewhere as you suggested earlier. "

geposted Wed 07 Feb 18 @ 2:00 pm