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Topic: How To Set up VDJ 8 With Serato SL1???
Has any one done this with the sl1?..Every time i try to configure it it tells me I have no single and to hook up my sound card..I have tried every way I can think of..Im stumped

geposted Sun 16 Nov 14 @ 11:56 pm
same here bro

I have a Pioneer DJM-909, 2 Pioneer PLX turntables and a Scratch live sound card but everytime I plug it in, where it is supposed to pop up in the sound card area in the settings, its just not there. is it my Mac or could it be the system update or something with just the software itself?

geposted Wed 25 Oct 17 @ 7:34 am
every get an answer?

geposted Tue 26 Jun 18 @ 9:16 pm