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Topic: Apple Music with iTunes Match

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Hi all,

New to Virtual DJ and have a query about Apple Music.

If I purchase a subscription to iTunes Match, which as far as I understand it provides you with DRM free music, can songs that have been added to iTunes with Apple Music then be played with Virtual DJ?

Hope that makes sense, and many thanks in advance.


geposted Sat 30 Jan 16 @ 5:12 am
The DRM-free music is without digital rights management. It tracks can be purchased and downloaded online and are currently offered by the iTunes Store and Napster, as well as other online digital music vendors. DRM-free music may be purchased cheaper than those sold under DRM, and may also be of lesser quality. Most stores offering DRM-free music will provide users with options to upgrade the higher quality DRM version by charging a small fee.

geposted Sat 30 Jan 16 @ 6:04 am
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
Here is the breakdown.

Apple Music = DRM and not playable outside iTunes

iTunes Match = Can provide you with better quality, DRM free versions of stuff you already own or have ripped in your library. The Matched tunes will work outside of iTunes. This option is meant to replace lower qulity rips, or MP3s in your library. But the overall goal of match is to hold more music than your phone can. Then give you access to stream media you already own to your phone when it is connected to the internet.

My library is bigger than any phone available. So I used Match for a while. Just be careful, I would change song tag information and iTunes would automatically erase my info and replace it with info that was previously on them. Somtimes retagging 7000 songs. It was annoying so I am done with Match.

Also you can't "Match" an Apple Music rented track, and then once Matched own it free of DRM. That would be stealing.

Just buy the songs for $1... Or get VDJ Content Unlimited for $10 a month.

geposted Sat 30 Jan 16 @ 6:32 am

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