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Topic: DENON MC 6000IPressNPlay Custom Mapper

geposted Sat 20 Feb 16 @ 4:16 am
jbezzPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Nice work!

geposted Sun 21 Feb 16 @ 5:16 pm

1) Use the jogwheel to scroll through your music when the deck is empty.
2) Load Buttons do much more than just load a song! Double press the load button and it will copy the master deck and you can use that deck kinda like sandbox! Very useful tool for those who want to use sanbox with video clips (remember sandbox doesnt work with mp4s)...Long press the load button and it will empty the deck.
3) Track button adds to sidelist instead of automix. to load to automix you have to press shift+track button
4) effects are more focused and can use shift button as well to disable or enable the effects. Before shift button and the effect would totally change the effect...yeah i rather change it with a mouse....
5) The panel button + Shift press on the search box. Save you time to type instead of clicking the search box with your mouse
6) The BEATS button skips 4 beats instead of 2 and when you press on it, it acts as browser zoom button.
These effects work on any skin but will work perfect on the fruity v8 skin!!!
Any changes you want to make let me know!

geposted Mon 22 Feb 16 @ 2:59 am
ProfLeePRO InfinityMember since 2011
Nice work!!

geposted Mon 22 Feb 16 @ 3:24 am