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Topic: Genres changed

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I'll ask for this again, I rely heavily on my genre tags and when 8.1 came out the way Vdj reads the / (forward slash) affected how Vdj displays my genres. Can a toggle be added to show the genres the way the the were shown in all other version of Vdj prior to 8.1b Or possibly some kind of work around? I am not going to remove the / (forward slash) from my genre tags as I have been tagging my music this way for many years this may seem like a minor thing to most but this is huge to me

Any thoughts or ideas are appriciated


geposted Tue 07 Jun 16 @ 7:31 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Hi, I probably tag my stuff the way you do yours, as an example...


I've just tried a search using the forward slash option above and everything seems to be ok here, can you check your settings both in the browser drop down and in config.

geposted Tue 07 Jun 16 @ 1:40 pm
The problem I am having is this I have a few genres with the / forward slash Example disco/retro remixes Or hip hop/rap they used to show up under genres correctly Now I have one for disco one for retro one for hip hop and one for rap and not all of the songs show under one genre so some may be under disco some are under retro remixes Every version of vdj before 8.1 as well as the other Dj software I use it worked fine But since 8.1 the change makes searching for music a mojo pain in the .... The only options I have are to use version 8 Or use my other software
I'd like to be current with vdj But again I rely on my genres way too much

geposted Tue 07 Jun 16 @ 9:32 pm

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