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Topic: Default skin changes

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Firstly, great work on the upgrade. I have a few suggestions on further improving on what you have done to the default skin.

You added the removal of the custom button section, I think you could take that further by allowing the removal of both the effect and loop section. When those 2 sections are removed the new pad section should increase in size, this will allow the user to see whats written on the individual pads. As the user can map both effects and loops to the new pad section I don't think it will alter its usability. Secondly allow the user to alter the colour of the screen i.e Grey,Black,White.

Thank you for your efforts and great work on the improvements.

geposted Sat 18 Jun 16 @ 6:56 am
The new skin is (as you say) new, so I'm sure in time there will be variations of it available.

Also, skin authors will modify their own creations to either add pads or use the new 8.2 style pad options.

Commenting on what you've mentioned, it's easy to not show parts of a new VDJ 8 skin because the parts are layered on top of the background now, rather than drawn directly on as they used to be. However, resizing something requires new graphics and new dimensions added to the code. It's not so simple.

Changing the background colour (or adding a skin tint) is also quite easy in VDJ 8. Some skins already have this ability.

geposted Sat 18 Jun 16 @ 10:05 am

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