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Topic: Ask DJ URL

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For the first versions I had an unique URL, with the current version I tried selecting the same one in the askdj URL setup, says its not an option which means its already been issued. When I navigate to the link with my unique URL (from the last version) it brings up my account but nowhere on the website or on the VDJ software do I see my unique link displayed. I would like to see the unique link displayed somewhere so I'm sure its not going to become inactive at any moment.

I'm also not sure of the purpose of the venue option, should it contain the actual name of the club or the DJ name? While messing around with it this morning, I was not able to delete the setup venue, deleting kept bringing me back to the options.

Does this work if the requestor has location switched off his/her phone?

Nice feature the request shows up where the livefeedback is, but its for like 3 seconds, anyway to make it stay longer?

geposted Tue 21 Jun 16 @ 11:56 am

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