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Topic: 8.2 Causing BSOD & Bugs

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Congratulations to version 8.2, more problems! Yay!

I don't know how to reroll back to version 8.1, so please give me access to a special download for this.

1. First 5 minutes turning virtual dj on and I get bad_pool_caller and it causes my computer to fail. You know the last time I had bad_pool_caller? It was when virtual dj 8 was first released and I was using windows 8. I re-rolled to windows 7 and everything was good, but now it's back.

2. (SEE PICTURE). When I go to assign each channel to my mixer, a bunch of random, useless settings show up. I don't know what provokes all these settings to show up, but it's inconsistent on virtual djs end. Why does a new version of virtual dj cause these random settings to appear? I can't comprehend what you guys actually do, but it's messing everything up on my end.

3. When I click my mixer (denon x1600) to be the sound card, it does not select, and only my s3700 deck stays selected. If I click the x1600 to be the sound card IT SHOULD SELECT. IT DOES NOT SELECT.

4. The record option in settings is no longer there. I understand you guys released a tutorial on how to record without this, but I CANT understand why you did this. Why do the developers of this program have to fix something that isnt broken? Before I could assign a virtual dj channel to control the recording on my mixer or computer, now I don't have easy access to this setting. Lame if you ask me.

5.. A lot of my songs have no waveforms showing up on them. The intros and some break downs of songs have missing waveforms.

geposted Sat 09 Jul 16 @ 1:51 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

geposted Sat 09 Jul 16 @ 5:28 pm
Golden rule for anyone who uses computers - keep the installation files you download. Then also keep a copy on another hard drive.

geposted Sat 09 Jul 16 @ 5:56 pm

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