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Topic: controller mapping & sysex in vdj8

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I've made a custom mapping for the akai apc40mkii to work with vdj8, and now want to send some led info to the device to make it clearer which button does what.

The only info ive found on this relates to vdj7 (though im assuming it will be pretty similar for 8). The information on vdj7 days controller info is stored in xml files both in the mappers folder and the devices folder (both in my documents\virtualdj\ ).

The akai doesn't seem to have anything in the device folder, though my custom mapping is indeed in the mappers folder. As im looking to send messages to the device, im assuming i need a definition file in the devices folder - do i need to create my own or should it get automatically generated once the device is plugged in?

I might add im a complete newcomer to this, so any example scripts would be most useful!

geposted Sun 10 Jul 16 @ 9:07 am

geposted Sun 10 Jul 16 @ 9:12 am
Ah ok, that's fine then - i just thought something might've gone wrong for it not to be auto generated.

So i now need to work out how to get the controller info out of the apc - the apc manual isn't the easiest read for a n00b!

Thanks for your help

geposted Sun 10 Jul 16 @ 9:56 am

geposted Sun 10 Jul 16 @ 10:02 am

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