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Topic: Does Virtual DJ have a contact number and normal business hours?
I have been trying to reach a technical support rep who can assist me with an issue I am having signing into my account. I've tried calling, but nobody ever answers the phone. The chat option has been offline, and I'm not getting the answers I need from the ticket logging system. Does Atomix have a call in number with normal business hour staffing??

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 2:41 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
tickets can take a few days, there is no phone support,

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 2:49 am
Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the ticketing system will be able to resolve my issue... It is going to require someone who has access to account information that can fix an account login issue.

My account no longer allows me access. If I put in my email address and password, it says "account does not exist". If I select "forgot my password", it first asks for the email address and then says "account does not exist". If I try and re-create my account using my email address, it says "email address already registered". I was just in this account two days ago and it let me in just fine... Something got messed up or deleted... I had to create this test account just so I could log a ticket... I'd be fine creating a whole new account, but it doesn't have my software licenses linked to it. Just frustrating that I can't get it fixed and nobody to help.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 3:00 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
ticketing support has accounts access, that's why it can take days, it gets sent to the right department & chill out with the multiple threads on the same topic, one is enough.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 3:55 am
Thanks for the info. but not really in the mood to "chill out"...
I have been trying to get this issue resolved for days and nobody is helping.
I paid $300 for this program and have no access to my account to download version 8.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 4:04 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
How long have you had a pro licence?

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 5:07 am
since 12/8/2012.
The version I originally bought was Version 7 Pro.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 5:17 am
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
Looking at your ticket, the account with email address you specified still exists, with a license. You should be able to do a "forgot password" and recover the account.

Alternatively chat support should be open at the moment.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 2:36 pm
mytestacct wrote :
have no access to my account to download version 8.

....but you don't need access to your account to download VDJ 8. The 8 license works in a different way to 7.

There's no serial number, and no different executables. Simply download VDJ 8 from the download icon at the top of the site, then when you run it, it will ask you to enter your forum user name and password. Enter the forum details that correspond to your VDJ7 license.

geposted Tue 06 Dec 16 @ 6:18 pm
SBDJ and grooveindj: Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it... but just to be clear, resetting the password wasn't working because the account was hosed up...
It wouldn't let me reset the password because it said there was no such account... Nor could I recreate the account because the system still showed it already existed.

I was able to get someone this morning on a live chat line to interactively walk through the issue with me, and once they saw for themselves what I was experiencing, they fixed it by deleting and re-adding the account, so this issue is now resolved. I knew it was going to take an interactive session to work through it, so I was thankful I finally got connected to the chat line.
Regardless, Thanks again for all the help from the forum...

geposted Wed 07 Dec 16 @ 12:56 am
SerinePRO InfinityMember since 2013
You probably need to turn "scratch mode" on on your deck. If you tell us about your setup in a separate thread (don't reply to this) then we should be able to help.

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 3:42 pm
@dj jason in da house, your issue has nothing to do with this thread. Please do not hijack another persons thread, thank you.

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 8:18 pm
My audio splitter is not working I️ need help

geposted Thu 21 Dec 17 @ 6:35 pm

geposted Thu 21 Dec 17 @ 7:12 pm
I need to pay for my license

geposted Fri 21 Sep 18 @ 5:02 pm
Cancel your subscription, and go here.

geposted Sun 23 Sep 18 @ 6:39 pm