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Topic: VDJ 8 wth 2011 MacBook Pro 8,1

I've just purchased a DDJ-SX2 to use with VDJ-8. I'm currently running VDJ 7.4 on a 2011 MacBook Pro which runs flawlessly. I would like continue using my 2011 MacBook Pro if it works with VDJ-8

Is VDJ-8 compatible with older MacBook Pros? I understand that I need to update the OS to Sierra or would it be preferable to purchase a newer MacBook Pro

Thanks, Jim

geposted Sun 04 Jun 17 @ 8:42 pm
No need, I'm using a mid 2010 MBP i7 15" using macOS Sierra. Have used it since 2010 for all DJing. Also running the latest version of VDJ8.2 b3761 Early Access version, runs flawlessly. :-)

geposted Sun 04 Jun 17 @ 9:48 pm
That's encouraging

My 2011 runs flawlessly since it's a dedicated DJ Laptop with only VDJ and music

Would hate to have to replace a perfectly solid performing MacBook Pro

Are you running a DDJ-SX2 as well?

geposted Sun 04 Jun 17 @ 9:53 pm
No, I use the Denon MC6000 MkII, I used to use the MkI and due to various faults & repairs over 5 years, had to replace it last year.

Incidentally, my MBP is bootcamped with Windows 7 which is what I used for DJing til a year ago. Been using the Mac side since then doing around 100 gigs per year including weddings.

This MBP is also my main computer at home and is on the internet all the time. When gigging I'm on the Hotel's wi-fi and have no problem downloading tunes and installing them in my database, checking the companies online diary, etc. No hiccups whatsoever. :-)

I don't use video anymore, but, when I did that was when I used the bootcamped W7 version with 10,000 videos, mostly Promo Only. This was because of the extra graphics facilities when using video, now I can almost do the same on the Mac side, i.e. scrolling text, rotating logo, etc. Although, on the Mac side I'm still playing the videos just don't have a screen output. Just started using the Focus skin which looks cool when customers come behind the DJ stand to ask for a request and can see the videos playing.

My music, video & karaoke databases are on an external 2tb hard drive. Oh btw, I installed a 500gb SSD in the MBP last year, half Mac, half PC.

geposted Mon 05 Jun 17 @ 5:55 am
I have 2013 MacBook Pro with latest version of vdj need to connect it to cdjs 2000 what's the settings would you help me out plz

geposted Sat 30 Mar 19 @ 12:00 pm