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Topic: question about displaying on multiple TVs (and another question)
for those of you DJing in bars with multiple TVs , how do i go about this?

should i purchase a HDMI splitter ? and which one would you recommend?

second question
im concerned about the fact that connnecting to a TV can cause instability in my computer , for example, when i connect the HDMI cable to my computer, the video card changs its settings to accomodate for an external display, and if the TV turns off or there is an interruption to the power for whatever reason, or if someone pulls the HDMI cable, the settings will revert to single display, this causes a momentary glitch in the playback of the music, and can also crash the video card occasionally.
is there a way to disable the automatic video card change, and make it manual only, that way i might be able to avoid this vulnerability

im using a windows 10 computer

geposted Thu 22 Jun 17 @ 11:49 am
When I pull the HDMI cable the interface freezes for a second while it adjusts back to single display but there is no interruption of the music.

geposted Thu 22 Jun 17 @ 3:37 pm
maybe it depends on which controller you are using, I use the numark ns7, so maybe its because the playback is controlled by the timecode from the turntable,

still though, i think it would be nice to be able to set the computer to external HDMI output, manually, so that it doesnt mess with the graphics card settings mid-gig

geposted Thu 22 Jun 17 @ 6:11 pm
Yes, an HDMI splitter is the only way to do this.

The extra benefit of the HDMI splitter is that if someone unplugs one of the TVs, your computer won't even know. It only cares about its connection to the splitter. So keep that in a safe place and then run the cables out to the TVs.

geposted Fri 23 Jun 17 @ 7:33 pm
I am fortunate that I have a matrix that I plug into, and it will change any TV to any input I want. If you are running multiple TV's, and you are supplying the splitter, you will need to take into account the length of the run. Anything over 50 feet, I would consider HDMI to CAT 5 or 6 here. You will need receivers and a short HDMI cable for each TV, so this will not be cheap. Start off with a couple of TV's close to you first with a splitter and HDMI cables, to see how long you will have this gig. Or, make the owners pay for it. I would not lay out that kind of money, unless I was sure I was going to be there for awhile.

I also carry these to connect from their cable or satellite boxes, in case you have to use a HDMI to RCA splitter.

geposted Sat 24 Jun 17 @ 12:27 am

geposted Tue 03 Apr 18 @ 1:43 am
djkrysrPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Every time you connect a monitor to your laptop or PC, Windows will inspect it's capabilities and refresh all monitors, this is very annoying so to stop your display switching every time you change the setting on a HDMI switchbox you need to get a EDID emulator, this fools your computer by always sending a signal that a second monitor is connected via HDMI or DVI regardless of whether anything is plugged in or not.

You can get cheapish HDMI EDID emulators that are fixed at a set resolution, you pick the one that matches the resolution you normally use and connect it to your laptop then plug a HDMI cable into that which is then connected to a TV or switch box. Your laptop will only see the one resolution available coming from the emulator, and output at that setting, but will be totally unaware if you unplug or change anything while it is plugged in, you can even carry on with just the emulator plugged in with nothing else and Windows will think there is a monitor there. The are on Amazon for about £24

If you need multiple resolutions, there are programmable DVI/HDMI Ghost emulators that do a wide range of resolutions or can mimick a monitor connected to it by copying it's setting, the cheapest one I found (which is the one I use at work) it the Star Tech DIV Ghost Emulator
Is is great and stops all screen refreshes not matter what I do with the switch box or splitters connected.

geposted Sat 07 Jul 18 @ 3:55 pm