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last week DJ brought me his laptop which had both hard drive protocols wiped and therefore registering empty hard drives, Previous night his system crashed whilst using VDJ7 and did a scan of the drives to check music errors and found music missing then finality. I got him back in business setting uo another Laptop and he experiences crashes with that over three gigs. I set him up with new laptop etc and reinstalled his VDJ7 and 8 on Win 10 and sweet. Saturday night night I did my regular gig and noticed WIN 7 updated before gig, all was fine halfway through then screen flickered during Karaoke twice and then blue screen, my first on my longterm lappy, restart after restart and 30 minutes later up and running . Any one else had sudden unexplained issue this week with Windows 7. I tried out my new £100 plus lappys last night but always fear someone will throw a beer so a little reluctant to use them.

geposted Mon 17 Jul 17 @ 11:55 am