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Topic: Visual TimeCode in to Skin
Visiting TimeCode in Skin.
Hi, I need help to add the Skin to the Visual TimeCode Operation. please any idea of ​​the Code of Visualization? some custom any Get_timeCode visual?

visaulizacion de TimeCode en Skin.

hola, necesito ayuda para Agregar al Skin la Visual del Funcionamiento del TimeCode. por Favor alguna idea del Codigo de Visualizacion ? algun Custom ? algun Get_timeCode visual ?

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 10:22 am
Just search the XML file of any skin which uses that graphic, for the word "timecode" and you'll find the code for displaying it.

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 11:13 am
I have not found a Skin with that Code. :(
but I think that if you could because other software if they show this graphic, and Virtual Dj 8 also shows it but only from the configuration in the Tiemcode tab.
I need to put it inside the skin to be able to see Check if the pua is reading good or is dirty.

no Eh encontrado un Skin con ese Codigo. :(
pero Creo Que Si Se podria ya que otros Software si Muestran este grafico, y Virtual Dj 8 Tambien lo Muestra pero Solo desde la ConfiguraCion en la pestaña Tiemcode.
Yo lo necesito Colocar Dentro del Skin para poder Visulizar y revizar si la pua esta Leyendo Bien o esta Sucia.

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 11:51 am
javiereduardocorrea wrote :
I have not found a Skin with that Code. :(

You haven't looked hard enough. Try the default skin.

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 12:12 pm
<visual class="timecodequality" source="get timecode_quality" >
<pos x="+12" y="+36"/>

:( I Need de Circle Live Reading.

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 6:54 pm
Disclaimer: I don't use timecode

I see now that the timecode circle is only displayed in the config window. It's not part of the skin code (because it's for setting up only and is not needed all the time), so I don't think it's possible to display that on a skin.

Posted Sun 08 Oct 17 @ 7:30 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The get_timecode_quality returns just a percentage % not any graphics. So what you ask is not available. The Timecode quality graphics is only available inside the TC Config panel and really not sure how this can be useful to see on a skin while performing

Posted Mon 09 Oct 17 @ 9:57 am
Thank you two for responding. If it is useful to me since that could detect if the needle is clean or with dust, lint, dirty, since I usually happen that during a mix between 3 or 4 songs the needle usually accumulate dirt and begins to read with error or Also to detect any voltage fault in the cables that transmits them to the other deck and therefore affect the speed of picht of the other deck. this also happened to me

Gracias a Ustedes Dos por responder. Si es util para Mi ya Que Con Eso podria Detectar si la aguja esta Limpia o Con Polvo, pelusa, sucia, Ya Que me Suele Ocurrir que durante un Mix entre 3 o 4 Canciones la Aguja Suele Acumular Suciedad y Comieza a Leer Con Error O Tambien para detectar alguna Falla de tension en Los Cables que les Transmita al Otro deck y por lo tanto afecte a la velocidad de picht del otro deck. esto tambien me paso.

Posted Mon 09 Oct 17 @ 12:08 pm