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Topic: Folders for different controllers setup
Would appreciate any help. I have different controllers, and CDJ that I use as controllers,
so there is a setting in VDJ8, that lets you have different folders, for easy set up for different controllers you can name each folder to tell what controller sets, makes it easy to choose folder instead of have to go and change the set up each time, but for some reason I have added a new folder for a different set up, it puts in the 1st folder instead of the added folder, I know its my fault ( I do take pictures of each of the setups) just in case something goes wrong with the computer,etc) What step am I missing or doing wrong, there has to be something I am doing wrong.
Thanks for any help would be great Thanks


geposted Mon 09 Oct 17 @ 2:19 pm
Not entirely sure I understand what you mean.
In the "My Document" folder (if on Windows), there is a settings.xml file auto saved for settings you make.
You could make version of this for each setting you use, if you use drastically different settings.
And renmame this file to settings_CDJs.xml etc.

Just have to rename the setting files you want to use as settings.xml before you start VirtualDJ.

But perhaps since you talk about controller, you mean settings you have made in the mapper?
if so you can save multiple variants, inside the software as show on the image here:

geposted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 10:49 pm
djsadimPRO InfinityMember since 2006

geposted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 4:58 am