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Topic: Pioneer DDJ-RZ Color FX Function
Hello everyone,

the mapping for the controller works quite good, there is only one little problem: with VDJ8 i can use the Color FX "Pitch" and "Filter" but "Jet" and "Space" do not work on the normal channels 1-4. But when I use a mic all four Color FX can be used to change the sound of my voice. Is there an opportunity to use all effects also on the channels 1-4.


geposted Thu 12 Oct 17 @ 5:30 pm
Color FX on MIC channel are hardware operated, that's why you can use all 4 effects.

However we are happy to announce that an update will come very soon that will allow you to use all 4 color effects on all other channels as well

Thank you!

geposted Thu 12 Oct 17 @ 6:48 pm
PhantomDeejay wrote :
an update will come very soon

Did this happen? I used my DDJ-RZ yesterday and found the same issue as the OP - only Pitch and Filter affect the audio.

geposted Sun 24 Mar 19 @ 9:10 am
Yes. The 4 buttons offer Reverb, Flanger, Pitch and Filter as Color Effects.
Perhaps you were using a custom mapping ?

geposted Tue 26 Mar 19 @ 9:14 am
I don't think so but I'll check again.

geposted Tue 26 Mar 19 @ 5:47 pm