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Topic: Best DJ Controllers at Any Budget? Suggestions?
Hey Folks,

I am a casual DJ - I do 3-4 events a month and for the longest time I got away with using my Mixtrack Pro - that is until it died. Luckily when it did die, it was shortly before a set and I had recently purchased a MixTrack Edge as a backup controller. For the past few months - I have been using the MixTrack Edge for events, and while it has done the job and I have gotten accustomed to the complexities of trying to get the job done with it - its pretty lacking for some of the things I want to do. Now, I am in the market to purchase another controller and I can't seem to find a guide that recommends controllers at different price points. Realistically, I would like to spend under $150 - however i would go up to $250 if there was such a superior product.

I would like something with Pads, EQ and Gain adjustments, pitch controls, headphone controls, software controllers, and a quality built in sound-card - obviously compatible with VDJ8. Portability is very important - must be able to fit in a larger sized backpack. (Unless this is unrealistic)

While I have never had a touch sensitive or activated controller - I am told its worth the investment.

Lastly, i have explored offerings from Numark & Hercules - are there other brands or controllers I should check out?

Many thanks!

Posted Sun 15 Oct 17 @ 7:36 pm
I would recommend a DDJ-RB. You get a decent quality controller that is small but has all the features you would like.

Of course theres always cheaper controllers but unlike everyone say you just pay the name with Pioneer, I dont think that is the case. Its really based on personal preference.

I have good experience with this nifty little controller. Thus you might be growing out of it and want something bigger and better, unless you really need it to be compact.

Check out this nice comparison video:
And the Top5 of DJ Controllers:

You ll see it really sticks out.

Posted Sun 15 Oct 17 @ 9:08 pm
DJCwestPRO SubscriberMember since 2016
The RB is an amazing controller. It has a lot of beginner features that are really helpful. I have used it for the past year and I will say it is probably the best thing you can get under 250

Posted Sun 15 Oct 17 @ 9:38 pm
MissyBee wrote :
I would recommend a DDJ-RB.

Thanks! Ill consider it - its a bit bigger than I would like but looks impressive and was already on my list.

Ill be buying something today.

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 4:45 pm
Anyone know of a good "go to" site to learn to program an intelligent controller. I purchased an American DJ DMX Operator 384. Thanks.

Posted Thu 14 Dec 17 @ 3:02 pm
Your issue has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. Please don't hijack someone else's thread, just start your own. Thank you. Try the ADJ site.

Posted Fri 15 Dec 17 @ 3:25 am