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Topic: Freestyler MRC

geposted Mon 16 Oct 17 @ 4:08 am
Do one for Mac Please!

geposted Mon 16 Oct 17 @ 4:08 am
I would love to, but Freestyler doesn't run on MAC OS X

geposted Wed 18 Oct 17 @ 7:28 am
Please, i can't download the Freestyler MRC
Am using VDJ 8.2 ...Windows 8.1 64bit
I need help..

geposted Sat 21 Oct 17 @ 2:58 pm
If you buy a Pro license, then you can download the addon. It's Pro only.

geposted Sat 21 Oct 17 @ 5:05 pm
Can some one please make a video on how to use this on version 8.2.. I down loaded the link but cant find it in version 8.2. i got the program and bmp working with freestyler now to only set cue points for cues in freestyler. The video on youtube has no sound also my my generate script has no drop down menu. Im lost ... Thanks in advanced.. this is massive important to my project as I need the 16 moving head sharpies to do the lighting effect like who wants to be a millionaire to my own song..

geposted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 4:36 am
Isn't it under the Video-Effects ?

geposted Tue 24 Oct 17 @ 6:23 am
Is there any instruction how to get this running together with Freestyler ?

geposted Sat 28 Oct 17 @ 11:16 pm

geposted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 10:56 am
Thanks, I didn't see that.

geposted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 11:02 am