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Topic: Traktor s4 Mk2 and mash ups / remixes?
Hi all,
I'm fairly new to DJ'ing, have been playing with VDJ 8 for a while and am now looking to buy a controller and start getting some gigs.
The style of DJ'ing I see myself doing is remixing more so which is catered for best by traktor pro 2, as far as I can tell. However I need online content so I want to use VDJ8.
I have read through a lot of stuff here about different skins and mapping etc. And am not sure exactly what to make of it? Looks like every thing I need should be there? But if you wouldn't mind helping me out, my questions are as follows:

1. If I buy a Traktor S4 Mk2 and run VDJ8, with the mapping supplied by VDJ8, will it have all the functionality of Traktor pro 2?
2. Or as a comparrison between using Traktor Pro 2 & VDJ8, would I be disappointed with VDJ8 or perhaps pleasantly surprised?
3. I am also considering other controllers like, Reloop Touch which comes with VDJ8 Pro, Reloop Mixon 4, Gemini G4v, but think the Traktor would perhaps work the best for me?
4. If I buy Traktor s4 Mk2, and want to use the "Ultra99" skin available here, I'm guessing there would be a fair bit of remapping to do, is that right?
And if so, how easy is that to do?

Being inexperienced as a DJ, although I am a muso, I just don't know enough about how the different controllers and software works to know if I can do what I am thinking I want to do with certain ones. Which for the most part is to have a stack of phrases, ( usable as loops ), and one shots, that I can use to mash up a song or songs, playing in one or two of the main decks. I would like to be able to load these as sets into the remix decks a la Traktor. And when I trigger any of them they are quantized to the master and optionally insert to the nearest cue point.
Aside from that another feature I have seen that I really like is Serato's pitch play. Don't know if that is only able to be done with Serato though?

Any way I am looking to buy a controller in the coming days, so all help would be appreciated.

Here is a great vid showing some creativity with remix decks, is this all possible with VDJ8, in particular on a Traktor S4?


geposted Tue 24 Oct 17 @ 11:52 pm