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Topic: Save/Sync Custom VDJ Setting To Online Account
I'd love to be able to save/sync my custom VDJ settings automatically to my online account so that when I log in to VDJ on another machine (something that I've had to do on a few occasions), I automatically have the same settings on hand; or for the purposes of backing up and restoring same.


geposted Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 8:15 pm
You can do it through Dropbox or similar however it's not that easy to achieve. Also bear in mind each machine requires it's own licence file and possibly settings.xml depending on your configuration.

There's nothing like that built in to VDJ at present that will sync between machines automatically.

I just use an external hard drive and Robomirror to achieve the same.

geposted Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 8:18 pm
Oh ok, I have also thought of using a similar approach on dropbox but I was just thinking that since I'm always logged into VDJ, it would be a nifty little feature for all my non-machine specific settings to be stored in my online account here on so when i switch from my primary laptop to my backup laptop those same settings could then be pulled down (automatically or manually).

Wishful thinking i guess.

Thanks for your response though.

geposted Mon 20 Nov 17 @ 10:43 pm