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Topic: Pitch of circular sample is not matched to playing track
Hi all - the pitch of the default circular samples in VDJ like 'saxo', 'pump it up' and 'this this this' is automatically adjusted to the tempo of the playing track so it beatmatches. This is because in the sample menu, the option 'Match pitch' is enabled and that's great. Now, when I load my own sample onto a normal deck, VDJ correctly recognizes the tempo even though it does not have a bass drum. However, when I load this same sample onto the sampler and I enable 'Loop' and then 'Match pitch', VDJ does not adjust the tempo to the playing track but keeps it at its original tempo, which obviously does not sound proper because it's not beatmatched.

Is there a way to fix this? Or can this only be done in VDJ 8 which has a sampler editor?

Thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions....

geposted Fri 01 Dec 17 @ 7:07 am