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Topic: Broadcasting another stream on a deck
Hello kind of new to vdj wondered if anyone knew if its possible to broadcast an already on going steam via vdj

guessing i could just loop my output & input on aux to a deck but am hoping there is an easier way

Reason for this is so another dj can stream the last of there set till it ends smooth switching over to next dj
FYI i know its odd not what i would do much rather just buy one host stream

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 6:14 am
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Hi AJ,

This is something I would like to see VDJ offer too. The ability to play a shoutcast stream as easily as dragging a .pls file onto a deck.

At present, I have to use SAM broadcaster for this feature to stream the current DJ before handover. Then switch to VDJ.

Bit of a pain and would certainly be great if VDJ had this ability.

Maybe you should post it in the "Wishes and New Features" section of the forum, I'd vote for it :)

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 10:35 am
Thankfully sam can easily do it i found looping my output & input has a very faint humming sound

geposted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 1:18 pm
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006

geposted Wed 24 Jan 18 @ 7:28 pm