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Topic: Rate n' Color plugin (bug report and suggestions)
first, the "no color" option doesnt work for me, so once i choose any color for a song i can not put it back to white again :-(


i would like to suggest to the programmer who made this plugin, to offer a pallette of colors which look good on black background. so instead of having a pure green, red or blue text (which are very hard to read) it would be a pale green, red or blue, greys might work too.

and / or make the colors customisable.

geposted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 11:27 pm
ok, note to self: do reasearch before posting

i realise now that this is all possible with the tag editor

geposted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 11:49 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'll check the no colour thing.

You can always edit the padpage yourself to pick more suitable colours.

geposted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 6:03 am