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Topic: DDJ-SB2 , IMac 2011 (high sierra) audio output balance question
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
hi guys, im trying to find out if theres a way to alter my output audio balance via my sb2?

i have my imac audio routed through my sb2 and as a result i lose all functionality from audio adjustments within osx.

my balance is all shot to s**t and my audio sounds terrible.

if i use the imac headphone jack as the main audio out i have the option to adjust balance. when using the sb2 i have no options to adjust.

does anyone know of a functional way to adjust the balance using the above equipment whilst still running audio through the sb2?

also is there a way i can still use my apple remote to control the volume when outputting via the sb2?

thanks, john.

geposted Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 2:09 pm