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Topic: IDJ POOL Please Help
Please help, I'm using virtual dj. Which I paid for and love, but I need a good pool downloader for downloading music, IM willing to subscribe to 1 of these sites for years to come but im stuck in between 3 pools, Firstly I was getting IDJ Pool as I can use it with virtual dj, but looking at the layout and feeds I dunno is it any good, also does it work great with virtual dj?? The second 1 was. MYmp3pool I see this has a good download engine and also can be used in a app, which Is a bonus. And finally mydjcity , I see this is most recommended but its costly ?? I used it before on a friends account and only found it ok, Now I'm using the latest version of virtual dj infinity, I love it and I'm thinking using idj pool would work great as I can link / load songs will playing / get live recommends. I'm while using virtual dj. but is there new up loads and remixes and are they good, I'm a dj at clubs and parties 21 ect and also weddings, please help as I'm opened to suggestions, any help is welcome / needed and is there any other pools that are better and cheaper, cheers folks.

geposted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 9:35 am
You only need to post your message ONCE! This is the third post you've made (so far).

Give us some background info. Do you already have an established music collection of oldies and classics, and so you only need to download new tracks - or will you be wanting a pool that has absolutely everything (new and old, in all genres)?

You think djcity is costly? I just had a look (at the UK version) and it's £60 for three months. That's nothing.It's around £5 a week. If you used iTunes you'd be able to download five tracks per week, and your money would be gone. The DJ City service is unlimited.

Do you want better, or do you want cheap? You can't have both!

geposted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 10:08 am
My advice is to try these pools out yourself. ContentUnlimited is $10.00 a month. How is that expensive? I remember paying that for one Import. You have 30 days to try it out. Don't like it try another one, until you find one or two that you like.

geposted Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 7:35 pm
How do I get live feed back if the song is not their?

geposted Wed 16 May 18 @ 9:04 pm
drlovebone1959 wrote :
How do I get live feed back if the song is not their?

nothing to do with this topic.

geposted Wed 16 May 18 @ 9:10 pm
So... Been looking at DJcity. What I like is the mobile app which allows you to preview songs and add them to a queue to download once back on you computer.
Is there any plans to offer an integration like we use to have with Pulselocker? and if not... can this be put forward to the powers that be?

Would be nice if VDJ downloaded the queued list on launch of VDJ and after internet has established and obvs.. valid subscription is checked.



geposted Thu 24 May 18 @ 7:42 pm