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Topic: Best shaders from ShaderToy - Page: 7
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I made a virtualfx that changed shaders for the AOV slot at different lengths.
You could use that.

geposted Sat 02 May 20 @ 10:27 am

geposted Sat 02 May 20 @ 11:33 am

geposted Sat 02 May 20 @ 1:11 pm
I have compiled 1800+ of the best 32bit shadertoys. No coronaVirus ones, no people (except two dancing robots which are pretty cool) or ones that look like body parts or bodily fluids. Yes, I have seen some that look like boobs, sperm, someone’s colon etc. I’ve even taken out ones that lag. All of these work. Your entertained guests will never see the same shader repeated at the gig! These are some of the best shadertoys of all I download shaders every day. Even the latest ones uploaded to the Shadertoy website since 3 days ago are included!


geposted Wed 27 May 20 @ 11:24 pm
Thank you for uour if i can a new allienware 18 since ive fried my beloved m18x,and a new controller ...(sigh)

geposted Thu 28 May 20 @ 1:21 am
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