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Topic: How-to post/book?
Hi everyone,

I have been reading this post(: from dj-in-norway and I found it to explain the basics of DJing, especially beatmixing, very clear. This is stuff I was already familiar with, but practicing to get better at. This really helps, so first of all I want to say: Thanks, dj-from-norway, for taking the time to make that post almost a decade and a half ago.. :')

I saw him saying: "i'm thinking by the way on making a "HOW TO BE A DJ: get your first gig, how to behave at gigs, and how to start" post... ;)", and I was wondering if this has ever been done? By him, or any other person who actually uses VDJ? I know there are a lot of 'DJ for dummies'-like books, but I just found this a great read.

~Fijne Suiker

geposted Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 5:13 pm
There's a lot of info on YouTube (i.e. ellaskins) and on the various DJ based sites (i.e. Digital DJ Tips).

geposted Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 5:31 pm
I second digital dj tips, they have some great tutorials and online courses for learning to dj.

geposted Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 5:46 pm